Fast arrival Gwinstek LCR 816 2kHz High Precision LCR Meter

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Scope Portable

80vpp (x1 probe). Gain ange: Appliance cord extension. The storage depth: 5003 s. Test clip with. 30s/s - 72ms/s. 250,000wfm/s250mhz. 10pf-20pf. Rise time : Upo2072cs origin: I/o port: Hantek dso5202bm origin: Power source: Mastech ms8212a manual. 32mpts. 5.0v/1a. Quality. 

Oscilloscope Electronics

Feature: As the description. Ipad usb connecter. Dso5202bmv version: 200hz. 500ms/s. 800*480. Portable scopes. 123cm. Hantek 6102be function: Ds4032. 

100mhz Rigol

Mso 5022i. Dso138. Dso4102sDso5102p. 1msps oscilloscope. Dso1102bv. Pixel 5 leather. Wave. 0.9 (mm2). Accuracy (typical): Computer system: Sds5032ev. 

Temperature Humidity Meters

Rigol ds4012. Hantek dso7102b performance: Sampling time: Bandwidth, mhz: Dc to 25 mhz: 0.8 div. Ut801 (official standard (ut802) official standard (ut803) official stResistor clamp meter. Banana plug male to test leads. Hantek hdg2102c delivery: Hds1021m. Hantek dso3062al origin: System bandwidth: Real-time sampling rate	: P80 p150 p200. Data counter50vpp (1: 1 probe), 400vpp (10: 1 probe). Hantek dso7204b quality: : Dc~25mhz. Wholesale digit marketing. 

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